Starfish Diving Center

Please come and visit us in our diving center at Porto Sole campsite! We will personally show you around our center, and answer any questions about all of the services we offer. The blue board gives an overview of our planned diving trips over the next few days. There is always someone from our team there ready to answer questions about the diving sites and availability. You will find a sun terrace, perfect for sitting together and discussing the days diving. Only a few meters away there is the opportunity to buy refreshments and snacks in a beach bar.

  • What is available:
  • 30 complete sets of rental equipment
  • 100 steel tanks for air (10l, 12l, 15l)
  • 30 nitrox steel tanks (12l and 15l)
  • 15l-air steel tanks and nitrox steel tanks are also available with double valve
  • DIN and INT possible on all tanks
  • filling station (2 kompressors with 900 l/min filling capacity)
  • fresh water pool for rinsing of equipment
  • Nitrox- filling station
  • 2 equipment storages for private equipment